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Frank Reid - Bermuda High Soaring

The following are links to articles written by Frank Reid.
Frank contributed to Soaring Magazine for several years.
The "NEW" SSA Signal Landing Short Impending Stall
What's Your Left Hand Doing? Dehydration Canopy Closed and Locked
Recognize and React (R&R) Fly the Plane The "Black Spot" in the Spot Landing Concept
One Last Check Fly Safely Getting Lost, A Major Fear in Cross Country Flying
Positive Control Checks Tow Pilots The Incident At Jonesboro, Tn
Something In Reserve Wind and Landing Flight Instructors
Slips To A Landing The Baseball Cap Practice Rope Break
More On Tow Pilots SSA Instructor Development Program What Kind of Instructor Are You?
Beyond The Private Pilot Rating The Tow Pilot's "Wave-Off" Signal Skids
Coordinated Turns Uncoordinated vs Cross-controlled Flight Completing the Pilot Certification Loop

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